Samsung Watch Casino Games

Samsung is a recognised world leader in technological innovation, which is why it’s no surprise that the company is ahead of the pack when it comes to wearables. The Samsung Gear range blends technology with daily life more seamlessly than ever before, and you can use your Gear Fit to track your heart rate, the Gear VR to create and view videos, images and games in 360 degrees.

Here at, we’re most excited about the Gear watch. This is the jewel in the Samsung Wearables crown, and performs several different functions including allowing you to play high-quality digital casino games. We knew the sophisticated players of Canada would want to know all about these tiny cutting-edge powerhouses, which is why we’ve written about them here.

How the Samsung Watch Works

The Samsung watch has several functions that can run both online and offline, including acting as a stopwatch, compass and precise timepiece. There are, of course, many things that can only be done online including checking your email, managing your social accounts and using different tools and apps. A growing number of these is available to users in Canada, including several casino games that easily meet our exacting standards.

To use your watch online, you need to connect it to your smartphone. Being powered by Android technology, the Samsung wearables use Google’s Android Wear system, which uses the traditional Google platform and a specially designed software development kit. Google has committed to rolling out software updates and the system is compatible with any iOS, Android or other handheld device, so it’s very easy for you to start using it.

TOP Samsung watch CasinosOctober 2022
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The watch isn’t meant to replace any of the devices you’re using now, only to make it even more convenient and seamless for you to use technology as you move through your day. That’s why you won’t find any stand-alone watch applications. Rather, when you download certain apps to your phone you’ll see them appear on your Samsung watch as well. You’ll still want to access the larger versions of the most popular online casinos in Canada from your smartphone, but with your wearable you can do it discreetly as you watch the kids practice football or sit through a presentation at work!

Casino Playing Options

There are some really exciting and innovative apps for the Samsung watch, such as games to improve your cognitive powers, but the ones we want to share with the online players of Canada are, of course, the fabulous casino options. You can already play world-class versions of online Blackjack games, Roulette, Video Poker and Slots games, and many are expected to be rolled out soon along with improvements on what you can already play and the rewards you can get.

As with the other online casinos in Canada, it’s possible to play for real money or for free, which gives you a chance to practice and get familiar with playing on a watch before you stake real money. You can also play with a downloaded application as mentioned above, or directly through your web browser. The whole point of these wearables is to enhance your life and empower you with options, so make sure you take full advantage. Check out some of the watch-compatible sites detailed here and then start playing to find out what suits you best.