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Craps Online in Canada

The majority of Canadian players will happily tell you that online craps is one of the most fascinating casino games to play, and, for those who have not yet enjoyed it, it is not as complicated a game to learn as one may imagine. Canadians who have visited a brick-and-mortar casino and stumbled upon a shooter enjoying a hot streak will remember the cheering and applause coming from around the table, and this type of excitement is not lost when playing the craps game online instead. is here to show you the very best online casinos in Canada to enjoy the craps game, and you will be able to get right down to business learning it by means of the free versions available if you wish to as well.

Enjoy Free Versions of the Craps Game

Learning a new mobile casino game online is far easier than doing so in a land-based casino; by means of a book or online article; or with the help of a well-intentioned friend, because you can immediately put the knowledge you are gaining to use in a risk-free setting. Thanks to the fact that the games are free, not requiring you to lay down any type of real money bet, you do not have to worry about making a mistake while you learn, and can keep playing as long as you like. Bear in mind, however, that any winnings incurred when you play online craps like this will not be yours to keep.

Basics of Playing Online Craps

The basic setup for the craps game is that one player, known as “the shooter”, will roll two dice, and the rest of the players taking part in the game will bet on what the outcome of this roll will be. The first roll is called the “come-out throw”, and this will set the stage for the remainder of the craps game. Before this happens, players will be betting on either the “pass line” or the “don’t pass bar”, and, on the come-out throw one of three things can happen:

  1. If the total of the dice is seven or 11, anyone who bet on the pass line will have won.
  2. If the sum total is two; three or 12, these combinations being termed “craps”, the don’t pass bar bettors will have won.
  3. If the shooter rolls any other total that number will become what is known as “the point”. All of the bets placed on the pass line will then be wagered on the point, and players are now also able to bet other types of wagers, including combinations of their own choice and certain sums.

Craps online play then continues and the shooter will carry on throwing the ice until either the point or a total of seven is thrown. In the case of the former, all players will be awarded the winnings of their pass line bets, and the shooter begins again with another come-out throw. In the case of the latter, all wagers on the table are collected and another shooter begins play.

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