Regulatory Challenges This Week

November 27, 2017 by

Regulatory Enforcement Challenges From Around The World

Governments around the world have even tightening their regulatory grip on illegal gambling. Nigeria and Lithuania have both started taking steps to eradicate illegal gambling. It costs the state coffers millions each year and hurts player confidence.

Brazil also needs to tighten up its gambling regulation but for the last few years the state simply has not been able to agree on the appropriate steps that need to be put in place to curb the systemic non-compliance of operators.

Brazil And The $2 Billion Hole

A Report by auditing firm KPMG has found that the Brazilian government could see $2 billion in revenue from legal online gambling. Due to a total lack of enforced regulation, tax revenues and other licensing fees are going down the drain into the pocket of illegal operators. The government has failed to approve a variety of bills put before them due to party in fighting.

With a string of corruption allegations and investigations recently in the country that even brought down two former presidents, it is easy to assume that there is more to the delays in passing gambling regulation than meets the eye. And now that these standards have been set, it will be very hard for the state to enforce their regulations even if they do manage to vote on a set of regulations.

Nigeria Facing Non Compliance Challenges

The Nigerian government already has regulations in place and they have 21 legal gambling operators in the country, but they have seen a very poor tax and fee compliance from these operators. Crisis talks were held this week between the state and the National Lottery Regulatory Commission.

Corruption between the state and federal level seems to be the main problem that is being faced. Operators say that they receive multiple taxes before they even reach federal level. This is thanks in large part to the rampant corruptions found amongst state officials. The government has threatened non-compliant operators with jail terms, but it does not seem that this will resolve the truant payment problems so easily.

Lithuania Enforces Operators Through Technology

New legislation was passed in Lithuania recently, which will help the country enforce gambling regulation. The regulation will require operators to connect all their land-based machines into a central network which will monitor gaming activities.

The government is hoping this measure will help with transparency in gambling operations but naturally it would not be able to monitor table and other games that a casino may offer. This is a great start to improved accountability from operators.

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