PASPA Faces Legal Challenge In US

November 23, 2017 by

Legal Appeal Against PASPA Underway

American sports books proponents and a team of lawyers are getting ready for a final showdown against the Professional and Amateur Sports Participation Act or PASPA. This controversial piece of legislation sets out the law for sports betting in the US.

The act has been contested and lost twice before in the courts but now we are looking at the hearing of the final appeal, which will take place on the 4th of December. The front-runners for this legal battle are the state of New Jersey and the New Jersey Horseman’s association.

Their main foundation for arguing the case is the wording of the act. It essentially says that while states may legalise sports betting, they cannot regulate it. These opponents to the act feel this goes against the US constitution, which gives each and every state the right to create their own laws and regulate their own industries. The PASPA act makes sports betting illegal on a federal level, which essentially makes legal sports betting in the US a contradiction.

Skilled Legal Representation

New Jersey have previously fought for their right to legal online gambling, and won. This makes many in the sports betting industry hopeful that this third appeal could potentially be the one to finally bring down PASPA. Even the NBA voiced their support for sports betting reform and by extension the repeal of PASPA.

It is now up to the legal team representing New Jersey and the Horseman’s association to take the fight to its conclusion. Both parties have already submitted around 60 pages of briefs that precede the oral arguments to be made on the 4th of December.

Malta Welcomes Sport Betting Conference

Meanwhile Malta will be playing host to the European Fantasy Sports Summit where the movers and shakers of the industry will meet up and discuss pressing issues. The event is organised by the iGaming Malta Summit and the GamingMalta Foundation. It kicks off on the 23rd of November.

Ivan Filletti, the head of operations at GamingMalta stated their support for further growth of legal sports betting in the country. The event will host executives from DraftKings, Oulala, BDO and more. Notably CEO of Oulala, Valery Bollier will be discussing the role of fantasy sports and the various social elements wrapped up within the industry and how to approach the new generation of gamers.

Sports Betting on both real and fantasy games are the next legal challenges after online gambling has slowly found its legal basis in recent years. While the US is trying to resist its legalisation, public and legal demands should soon triumph over regulation.

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