Who Plays Online Slots in Canada?

It is no secret that online slots are some of the most popular online casino games to play and the huge variety of them available were, and continue to be, created for the massive online slot following.

While the stereotypical thought might be that slot game players tend to be elderly women, the truth is that online slot games appeal to everyone, of all ages. Slot games tend to rake in more revenue for casinos on all platforms because a larger percentage of players prefer to play slots.

In Canada, online slot players are typically anyone of legal age but there are certain types of people who are drawn to online slot games more than others.

Characteristics of Online Slot Players

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While studies showed that more than 70 per cent of players at a casino prefer to play real money slots as opposed to any other casino game, online slot players were typically characterized by four different profiles. These being utilitarian players, excitement players, multipurpose players and relaxation players.

Utilitarian players are characterized by older people, mainly women, who play online slots to reduce boredom and kill some time. They are not as motivated by the financial gain as others are.

Excitement players are the thrill seekers who play online slots for the big potential payouts. They may be more attracted to progressive slots and high volatility slot games. These players have the biggest incomes and are dominated by women.

Multipurpose players tend to be younger players who do not have large betting budgets or much disposable income for large bets. They are attracted to low rolling and frequent paying online slot games in the hopes of winning some extra cash. This profile tends to be dominated by male players.

Relaxation players are well-educated people who have large bank accounts but play for the purpose of simply having fun. Studies showed that this profile was largely male players.

It has also been noted that more than 60 per cent of online slot players did in fact prefer the smaller payouts that came in more frequently to aiming for those massive ones that were less frequent.

The Attraction to Online Slots

It is not as easy to pin point what demographic online slots fall into as they really are fun for all and attract a wide range of players. Canadians have ample access to online slots of all kinds and playing online and on mobile platforms gives them much easier access.

There are a variety of different types of online slots that cater to different needs from classics, themed video slots and progressive jackpot slots to low and high volatility slots.

A smaller per cent of players may be attracted to the themes of online slots but themed video slots tend to come with bonus features that offer additional opportunities to win.

The most important features of real money online slot games that attract players are the betting options such as the denominations available, the supposed chances of winning and whether pay outs are frequent or large enough, the level of fun and how easy it is to trigger bonus features.