Beginners Guide to Slots

Generally, when one thinks about casinos, the one sound and image that has become synonymous with these venues is the clinking of the Slots reels and the crash of coins as another lucky player sees the real money win. These games are one of the classic examples of games of chance, as well as being one of the most recognisable, so it is no surprise that they are so popular at online and mobile casinos.

Although they may seem confusing to the beginner player, especially when multi-reel games come into play, they are, in fact, very simple games. This guide will teach you everything you need to know and have you racking up wins sooner than you can say winning combination!

The Basics of Online Slots Play

In traditional, or classic Slots games, you will win the payout when you line up three identical symbols along the middle reel, or row. Video Slots, however, present a number of differences.

  1. Most will have a minimum of five reels, but some will increase this to nine, 12, 25 or more.
  2. You do not have to line your icons up along the middle row in order to win. You can win with lines of symbols that have been formed vertically, horizontally, or even in a zigzag pattern.

These are known as your paylines.

Winning Combinations Along Your Paylines

When it comes to online Slots play, you will be able to form a winning combination anywhere along a payline. The matching symbols do not necessarily have to be situated alongside one another in order for them to pay out.

Before every one of your Slots spins, you will be asked to decide how many paylines you wish to bet on, and how much you wish to wager. It is vital to remember that the more paylines you bet on and thus activate, the bigger your chances of seeing a win will be.

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Start Enjoying Slots Games Online Today

Now that you know how these games work, it is time for you to learn how to play them:

  1. Choose a game type and title that appeals to you
  2. Decide on how much you wish to wager -the range is usually very big, and you can bet as little or as much as you feel comfortable with. Remember, however, the bigger the wager, the bigger the win!
  3. Decide on how many paylines you wish to wager. If, for example, you have chose to bet 0.2 on each line and decide to activate five paylines, you will be betting .10 every spin of the reels.
  4. One of the quickest ways to get used to playing slots in an online environment is by changing your bet parameters between each of your game’s spins. Increase the amount slightly, or decrease it, change the amount of paylines you have active, and swap between manual and auto spin options.

Mini Games and Multipliers

Once you start getting the hang of playing Slots games online you can start exploring the benefits of some of the magnificent mini games and marvelous multipliers on offer as well. These provide an excellent array of methods by which you can not only increase the chances of your winning, but boosting the amount that you take home too!